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In order to qualify for financial assistance from RSPCA West Gwynedd Branch:



To Apply


Please call RSPCA West Gwynedd Branch on either 01758 750356 or 01248 671304.

Note that we are unpaid volunteers with employment outside the RSPCA so may be unable to answer the phone when you call. Leave a message with your name and contact number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please show consideration and do not call after 9:00 p.m.


We can offer vouchers for one third the cost to a maximum of £50 (including VAT) e.g. For a bill of £120 we will contribute £40. For a bill of £500 we will still only pay £50.


Vet bills can reach thousands of pounds so If possible consider insuring your pet or register with the PDSA scheme available at most vet practices.


All vet practices in North Wales accept our vouchers and invoice us after the treatment.


We will normally send the voucher to you through the post by second-class mail. In an emergency we will phone authorisation directly to the vet. You will be expected to pay the balance of the bill before your animal is released, or come to an agreement with the vet.


NOTE: WE ARE NOT A DEBT CLEARANCE AGENCY. We only pay for urgent treatment that you cannot afford and we will not pay for outstanding bills.


We do not routinely pay for vaccinations, medication for chronic conditions, micro-chipping, or flea and worm treatment. However these may be available at discounted prices via our mobile clinic.